I believe they are all « on the books » so to speak. Amateurist, Shady, above, recommended it. On the other hand, she was pretty terrified of live performances. Asmahan was much more comfortable as an actor, and she also had the glamorous looks for it. I am hoping that will go away if I play as embedded video. I have the complete Diva series, but I honestly don’t care for the material from this early in her career, with rare exceptions.

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I can also see how the name’s background doesn’t necessarily make it any less annoying that her name is mother of somebody or other. The audience was very involved, audibly so. I have the complete Diva series, but I honestly don’t care for the material from this early in her career, with rare exceptions. Really I should be asking Pat Conte this question. I think I need to get a high-speed connection before I get back into collectng MP3s. Also, the seriousness of the announcers is great. Do you know if and where these might be available?

I was a little worried. It is a bit corny in a way, but then as you listen to it, well, as I listened to it, I heard a lot that I liked. There are some difficult songs with difficult titles that I’ve always hbibati trouble keeping track of. Farid el Atrache had a long career starring in movies, and I’m pretty sure that Abdel Halim also appeared in films. I believe they are all « on the books » so to speak.


The answer is probably in the Danielson book, too, but I haven’t retained it all. I may have met you. Isn’t he mentioned soemwhere on this thread habibsti Did Om record for films as well? I don’t know the history of how the subject of this thread ended up with that name though. I’m more willing to criticize someone like Simon Shaheen or Marcel Khalife’s oud experiments because I think I have a handle on the tradition they are operating out of; but in the case of Hamza el Din, I don’t think I have enough of a feel for Sudanese music, or for the distinctive Nubian ethnic tradition.

habibati man takoun mp3

Youtube is placing an add in the middle. Were here records from the s packaged as albums of 78s? I’m not that familiar with Abdel Wahab and am a little leery, since I’ve picked up a couple CDs that I thought were duds one tonight.

habibati man takoun mp3

Sorry to be a broken record. I think it was probably worth it. I think they pretty much all did, to one degree or another.

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Amateurist, yes, I’m fairly familiar with Abdel Halim Hafez. In fact, I think the liner notes include pictures of these old 78s. Click here if you want to load them all. Shaheen is that the music of Abdel Wahab and Oum Kalthoum was extremely popular music.


habibati man takoun mp3

I enjoy it very much but haven’t yet had the time for focused listening. I prefer her work from the late 30’s through maybe the 50’s and maybe the early 60’s.

Also, the seriousness of the announcers is great. I’ve long been enamored of Fairuz, even the Euro-kitsch arrangements that so often accompany her voice. I think I got that list from a web-site somewhere. I should just get the book, shouldn’t I.

Baligh hamdi بليغ حمدي

Actually, even that isn’t among her best, but parts of this song are quite memorable. Man, is that annoying. RS – I understand you re Shaheen’s ‘dryness’, but his more recent stuff does seem much looser. I would recommend his masterpieces: When I am home I can check the track lengths, which would at least partially answer the question.

I’m a huge fan of Oum Kolthoum. I mostly know what I think are probably his later recordings, long, sprawling, prog-like, works, many of them by Baligh Hamdi and Abdel Wahab. If anyone wonders who I consider to be not-dry oudists, I give my usual examples: I also like « Fatet Ganbena, » although the first time I heard it Mah thought it was just horrendous.